Sky View Trading Review (REVEALED!)

Our Sky View Trading review will give you enough information to make an informed buying decision on this service! Is Sky View Trading Legit? Keep reading to find out!

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Sky View Trading Review: What Is It?

Sky View Trading is owned and operated by a couple of experienced traders. It is a primarily an options trading alerts and education service for people to learn from.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that if you click through and purchase anything, I could possibly make a commission without adding any extra cost to you.

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Sky View Trading: Adam Thomas and Eli Grelecki

Eli Grelecki and Adam Thomas are the traders that own and run the Sky View Trading service. They started by producing YouTube videos (check out their channel here) all about trading options.

If it has to do with options, they have a video about it!

They have a huge following on YouTube and the videos are well produced. Adam also runs an investment an investment fund and clearly knows his stuff when it comes to options trading.


I have learned a few different options trading strategies and I rarely trade them. However, I am always on the look out for credible gurus that might be able to teach me a strategy that I can use.

What Do You Get With Sky View Trading?

The options trading course that Sky View trading provided to the Elite Members looks really good.

It is over five hours long (trust me that is a LOT of learning!) and is video based. Honestly, options trading strategies make my head explode!

These guys do a good job of explaining the strategies like ‘Iron Condors’ and all the basics of options trading. They include tests to see if you can really understand the material.

The Sky View Trading course teaches you all about option chains, buying/selling, spreads and explains what all this option Greek stuff is!


Trading Platform Setup

Sky View Trading helps you to start up with options. There is a lot of things to think about when you start out. What broker do you use? They have complete tutorials on setting up with Thinkorswim.


Real-Time Trade Alerts

Of course, most people sign up for Sky View Trading for the real-time alerts. As a member you will receive email alerts as well as SMS alerts when the guys buy/sell a trade.

You can try to follow their alerts or just learn from each one so that you can trade independently. You can also review all of their previous trades along with a review video of each one.


Trading Chatroom

I love trading chatrooms! The value you get from being surrounded by fellow trades is huge! Sky View Trading has a typical trading chatroom full of members that have a wide variety of experience and expertise. This is included in the Sky View Trading cost.

The Sky View Trading chatroom provides you with more trade ideas than just the alerts alone. The weird thing is that the main guy in chatroom is not one of the two founders! Nevertheless, he does a great job.



Sky View Trading Cost: Memberships Explained

So, you get alerts whenever the gurus buy/sell. Nothing new their, almost all of the services that I try will have this.  There are two tiers to the Sky View Trading memberships.



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Sky View Trading Alerts Membership

The lowest cost membership is the Alerts Membership.

You get all the trade alerts that they do sent to you in real-time. The current cost of the membership is $99/month. Most members are reporting being able to get filled at similar prices to the Sky View Trading gurus.

Members are reporting a 80% – 90% success rate that matches the gurus. This is pretty unusual for a stock or options alert service in my experience. You can tell that they actually execute the trades that they alert.


Sky View Trading Alerts Elite Membership

 If you want to invest in your trading education, the Elite Membership looks like it is worth it. It is currently $199 per month and offers a few benefits over the regular membership.

Basically, you get a bunch more trading education materials and the alerts as well. It doesn’t sound like a great deal to me….but who knows!

The difference between the two memberships is that the alerts service is ONLY alerts and the Elite includes educational resources as well.


Sky View Trading cost

Is The Sky View Trading Cost To High?

My main concern is that the monthly cost for this service is quite high compared to their competitors.

These competing services are as good, if not better, but a years subscription is about the same as a single month of Sky View Trading.

I am not overly impressed with their educational material, it seems like most of it can be found for free on their YouTube channel.


Conclusions: Sky View Trading Review

I think that this service is probably worth it – but it wouldn’t be my first choice of options alerts services. It is not that Sky View Trading is bad, it is just that its a bit pricey for what you get in my opinion.

The education that they offer is good for beginners and you will learn their strategy if you join the Elite service.

The losing trades do tend to be larger than the wins, but with an 80% win rate you can still make money. But, if you happen to join the service during a bad period, you may suffer some significant losses before winning.

So, is Sky View Trading legit? My research suggest that they are. The Sky View Trading cost is my only real complaint in this Sky View Trading review.

Good Luck,




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Our Sky View Trading review has hopefully given you enough information to make an informed buying decision on this service! Is Sky View Trading Legit? Is the Sky View Trading cost worth it? We think that it is legit but a bit overpriced compared to the competitors.

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