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Welcome to our Capitalist Exploits review!

Included is a Capitalist Exploits Insider review as well.



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We are moving away from the normal stock alerts services today. This Capitalist Exploits review is an exciting deviation for me to explore some of the longer term investment newsletters.

I know – long term investments sound boring *YAWN* but read this Capitalist Exploits review before making up your mind!

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Capital Exploits Review


I think that a combination of short term trading and longer term investments is probably the best idea for my wealth generating strategy.

This is why I decided to look into Capitalist Exploits today.

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Capitalist Exploits Review

Capitalist Exploits is an investment picking service. It is extremely popular and highly rated.

They focus on highly asymmetric risk/reward investments. They offer a newsletter that is put together by extremely experienced financial experts.

The newsletter is called Insider and it is based on a subscription model. But, can it help you to actually make money?

They have over 30,000 members, making them one of the most popular financial newsletters in the world!

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The Founder of Capitalist Exploits

The Insider and Capitalist Exploits was founded by a guy called Chris MacIntosh. Chris has a long history of successful start-ups and investments.

His story is very interesting. He is a South African that ended up in London after he made money betting against the Rand (South Africa’s currency).

He became an investment banker in New York until he decided to become an independent trader. That was more than a decade ago and he hasn’t looked back since!

Chris is an all round investor that has investments in almost every financial vehicle.

He describes himself as the ‘world’s shittiest marketer’ !

This is pretty refreshing in a world where these stock picking guru’s focus on aggressive marketing.

He comes across as a more down to earth type of guy that doesn’t go around bragging about his riches. He really got started with Call options on oil.

Unfortunately, he did the usual thing where he lost it all again rather quickly!

You can hear his entire story in the podcast below.

Given the huge volume of positive reviews on TrustPilot, it is pretty clear that they are a legit and highly successful service.

Additional credibility is gained by the fact that they have hundreds of professional hedge fund managers that take the newsletter extremely seriously. We are talking about BIG money here.


Capitalist Exploits Insider review


What Do You Get With Capitalist Exploits?

You can get some awesome investment information from the FREE NEWSLETTER.

The main stock picking service (Insider) is designed to give you 5x – 10x returns while limiting the risk involved. This is a bold target, but professional traders do hit these kind of targets regularly – and more!

While this is ambitious, it is a bit like venture capital investing – the returns have to outweigh the losers. One winner has to cancel out the losing trades. So, it has to be big!

One thing that I am not so impressed with is the lack of transparency. The Insider team will not give you all the information on how they find these stocks. They just kind of say that they know what they are doing because of their expertise.

For me, this is not very satisfactory. But hey, if it works!


Capitalist Exploits Programs

There are a few different subscription levels. They have a lot of free stuff that is worth checking out. This includes information about what to read and brokerage platforms that they recommend.

Here is some extra information about their premium services.


Capitalist Exploits Insider: This is their main service that they sell the most subscriptions to. They have hundreds of members in this program alone.

You get their top trade alerts as well as strategies on how to execute them. There is a great forum where you can discuss investments with the other members.

Subscribers are able to interact with Chris and ask him questions. There is a ton of education materials and video lessons that subscribers have access to.

Finally, you get access to all of the open trades and a weekly newsletter that reviews the different trades. Keep an eye out on this blog for a complete Capitalist Exploits Insider review.

You can get a FREE TRADE ALERT from Capitalist Exploits if you CLICK HERE!

This FREE STOCK PICK is expected to return 500% profits over time.

The FREE REPORT is 20 pages long and it emailed directly to you.



My intention here is not to write a full Capitalist Exploits Insider review here. But I do want to give you an overview of their most popular service.

In the Capitalist Exploits trade alerts service, they don’t aim for 10% or even 20% profits.


They look for and find opportunities that have the potential to return 500% or more in profits!

They can do this because they have a deep understanding of how capital flows in the economy. They are experts are understanding opportunities that WILL cause particular asset prices to rise – the time frame is of course not exact.

This current trade alert from Capital Exploits Insider is expected to returns 500% – 800% profits!


What I like about the Capitalist Exploits Insider investment style is that it is pretty simple, looking for the best asymmetric risk/reward setups.

Here is a summary of the process they use.

● Identifying unloved sectors due for revaluation.

● Positioning ​early​ where major macro / capital flow trends are on our side.

● Buying assets which are likely to correct.

● Being patient and removing the need for perfect timing. They also understand that markets are irrational, and do not expect to make 5 – 10x returns on ​every​ investment within their timeframe.


Trade Ideas is far more powerful than TradingView. If you don’t know much about Trade Ideas, check out my Trade Ideas review here.

TradingView review


But because they keep the risk very low relative to likely profit over a long enough time horizon, it means they can be completely wrong ​most of the time​ and still turn a profit.This is because even if ​only one in five​ trades works out, the return on that winning trade is enough to pay for the four losers (and then some).



Resource Insider

Capitalist Exploits has another interesting program that is called Resource Insider. You can only take part in this one if you are an accredited investor that makes ($200,000+ a year and/or has a net worth of $1MM+).


The reason is that Resource Insider is a way to be spoon fed private placement deals. Given the success that they have had with early investing, this seems like a huge opportunity.

They give clients a minimum of 10 private placement investment opportunities every year. Usually, you have to invest a minimum of a few thousand dollars.

You also get a ton of other stock picks and reports. You get to network with all the other investors etc. which can be a really useful way to expand your contacts list – who knows who you will meet!

You can also get a FREE TRADE ALERT from Capitalist Exploits if you CLICK HERE!

This seems like a really great service, but it does cost $3,999/yr at the time of writing this. However, this could be a great service for you if you want to diversify into the world angel investing.

My plan is to join this program and write up a complete Capitalist Exploits Insider review for you guys.



Can I Get a Refund?

These subscription services are not cheap. They are typically a few thousand dollars for a year. This means that it makes sense for them to offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

They will give you your money back within thirty days if you decide it is not for you.

I think this is quite unusual for stock alerts or investment services. It does give them some extra credibility for sure! However, one has to wonder if 30 days is long enough to be sure that the service will work for you.

It seems that the entire Capitalist Exploits policy is focused on doing what’s best for the subscribers. I like how they don’t focus hype, or any mass marketing, and every part of the service seems to really add a lot of value to investors portfolios.


Conclusions – Capitalist Exploits Newsletter

If you think that the world is poised for a huge move downwards, this might well be the perfect investment service for you. They specialize in finding the best opportunities to make money on a global, macro-economical scale.

If this style of investing interests you, make sure to sign up for their free newsletter and learn more about who they are and what they do.

Although I like the sound of this service, I am not convinced enough that this style of investing is for me. There is nothing that seems to scream ‘buy’ to me about it.

Chris and the Capitalist Exploits team seem to be fantastic at sharing their macro insights combined with global trends and investment ideas. The are able to do this in an easy way to understand and they are quite funny to boot!

The research that Capitalist exploits provides subscribers seems to be unique, independent and very valuable. Chris seems to provide honest insight that really helps people to understand where the global economy is going and stock alerts that have integrity and are highly profitable.

I love how smart Chris seems in this field. Here is a good video I found where Chris explains his view on the current global economy in the Coronavirus time. If you are reading this well after the economy has recovered, there are a ton of great general insights in the video as well!


Another well-known and highly rated investment service is The Motley Fool. So, you might want to check that out as well.


Good Luck,



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I hope that you found our Capitalist Exploits review useful! Let me know in the comments if you have tried this service. Keep a look out for a more in-depth Capitalist Exploits Insider review.

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