Former Chicago Pit Trader Exposes Shocking Trading Advantage

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Former Chicago Pit Trader Exposes Shocking Trading Advantage:

“Every Time The Government Releases Economic Reports… Make This ONE Trade”

See How to Target Up to 383% OVERNIGHT



The above screenshot was taken from a Facebook that I’m in. OUCH!

Trying to guess the direction of this market doesn’t work…..I feel bad for the guy.


There is a better way (several actually that I will be talking about this week!)


Method 1 (check tomorrows email for another great method to beat a choppy market)


First, I wanted to let you know about a 0-dte service going where my friend Bryan goes LIVE every Tuesday, for a special session (Next one is TOMORROW 5/7 @1pm EST)

He uses a strange loophole he discovered in the markets…and back-tested to the max!

In short… every time the government releases economic data like jobs reports, inflation, GDP growth or anything else.

You make ONE trade…. With ONE ticker symbol (see the symbol here).

And this trade can potentially hand you as much as 383% OVERNIGHT.

In his research, it wins at an 83% rate (so far I have won 100% of his trades!).

The average back-tested gain was 115% in 24 hours. (winners and losers included)…



It’s the ultimate advantage for the regular person trying to make money in the market.


If you are tired of day trading and just want simple overnight trades once a week – this is for YOU!

And the really strange thing is… these trade work whether the market surges… or crashes.

Check Out The Data NOW (BEFORE Bryan goes LIVE TOMORROW)…


Good Luck Trading,




P.S I’m a happy member of the above program and haven’t lost a trade since the program inception (admittedly, it’s only been running for a month :)). Here is my full honest review of the service with my results.




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