Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE (REAL SUBSCRIBER REVIEW)

Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE (REAL SUBSCRIBER REVIEW)

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This is an amazing service. Every week we play either a high probability stock/options trade (buy and hold for a few weeks) or a 0-DTE options trade based an economic catalyst event such as the FOMC or JOLTS using a high reward strangle options trade.

I joined this Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE service and I’ve been really impressed with the consistency and base hits the service offers.

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Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE


Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE REVIEW: Who is Behind it?

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Two expert traders run the program.

  1.  Bryan Bottarelli is the co-founder and Head Trade Tactician of Monument Traders Alliance.
  2. Karim Rahemtulla is the other co-founder. He specializes in longer-term stock and options trades.

Bryan Bottarelli obtained a business degree from Indiana University Kelley School of Business and entered the world of stock options trading right after college, working on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.


During the technology boom of 1999 to 2000, he was mentored by a top floor trader, focusing on trading in the lively Apple computer pit. Bryan absorbed valuable trading insights while standing beside the top Apple trader, learning to apply some of the most effective trading strategies.

Eventually, Bryan founded Bottarelli Research, an independent trading advisory service.

Between February 2006 and December 2018, he provided precise trading instructions to a select group of high-level traders, many of whom remained loyal clients from the start.

Over time, Bryan built an impressive track record, executing a total of 5,727 trades with an average gain of 13.97% per trade, a feat that could rival even the most successful hedge fund managers.

In early 2019, Bryan established Monument Traders Alliance and currently oversees an exclusive trading research community known as The War Room, showcasing his expertise and guiding members through strategic trading decisions.


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Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE Review: Karim Rahemtulla

Karim embarked on his trading journey at a remarkably young age, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit even while attending boarding school in England.

Recognizing the appeal of the homemade snacks his mother sent him, he seized the opportunity to sell them to his peers who were eager to avoid the unappetizing British school food.

Transitioning to the world of stocks and options, Karim swiftly rose to become one of the youngest Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) at a brokerage and trading firm affiliated with Bear Stearns in the late 1980s.

Under the mentorship of seasoned industry veterans, he honed his trading acumen and developed a deep understanding of the market.

With an education spanning England, Canada, and the United States, Karim is multilingual and holds degrees in economics, foreign languages, and a master’s in finance.

Karim Rahemtulla catalyst cash-outs live review

A globetrotter in pursuit of the best investment prospects, he leverages his diverse background to identify lucrative opportunities worldwide.


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Following his tenure as Investment Director at the Oxford Club, Karim co-founded Wall Street Daily, where he introduced innovative strategies like LEAPS and put selling to help subscribers maximize their gains.

He further refined his approaches for readers of Automatic Trading Millionaire, showcasing the effectiveness of a solid trading methodology.

Karim underscores the importance of informed and strategic trading, utilizing volatility and sophisticated probability models to delineate risk and reward upfront.

In his current role as Co-Founder and Head Fundamental Tactician at Monument Trader’s Alliance, he focuses on minimizing risks while optimizing returns through tactics such as LEAPS trading, spread trading, put selling, and small-cap investments.

Drawing on his experience leading The Supper Club, Karim offers valuable insights into low market cap companies, enriching discussions within The War Room community.

Boasting over three decades of experience in options trading and international markets, Karim is the esteemed author of the popular book “Where in the World Should I Invest?”.


Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE Review: What Do You Get?

Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE represents a novel livestream initiative within the trading research service led by the co-founders, including the adept trader Bryan Bottarellie and Karim Rahemtulla.

Weekly trade recommendations on select market opportunities are disseminated to subscribers through this platform.

The focal point of this endeavor is the weekly livestream briefing, as previously detailed.

Scheduled every Tuesday at 2 pm, the livestream features the hosts discussing the upcoming week and outlining the most promising trade setups.


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An integral component of their strategy revolves around leveraging government reports, as previously alluded to.

The hosts anticipate executing multiple trades based on these reports on a monthly basis, aiming to capitalize on emerging market trends and dynamics.

They’ve designed this to work around YOUR busy schedule.

So when it is time to make a trade…

They send you an email…

And you can also get the Trade Alerts sent right to your computer or your smartphone.

You get entry price, and potential profit target as well as updates as the trade progresses.

You DON’T have to sit in front of your computer all day long.

You don’t have to make the trade immediately when you see the alert.

This is designed to work around YOUR schedule.

And with Karim and Bryan… you could be winning in no time.


Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE Review: Results

At the time of writing this review I haven’t lost a single trade! However, the service is still very new so it’s best to rely on back-testing data to show how profitable this service can be!

Here are the back-tested results for one particular catalyst – The JOLTs report! It’s pretty amazing!

You can find more back-tested results HERE.

Bryan bottarelli review

I’ve also written more about my REAL results in my primary Cash-Outs LIVE Review by Bryan Bottarelli HERE.


Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE (REAL SUBSCRIBER): Conclusions

This is an amazing service that offers a single 0-dte trade per week (or if there are no catalysts we do a longer-term hold instead). The track record is SOLID and the service is backed by a 365 no questions asked money back guarantee!

BUY Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE HERE for the best possible price!


Good luck and I think you will love the Catalyst Cash-outs LIVE service.


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Bryan Bottarelli Catalyst Cash-Outs LIVE (REAL SUBSCRIBER REVIEW)

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