Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter

What is the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter?

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I recently came across Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter that is run by millionaire penny stock trader William Bell.

It caught my attention because of the good reviews, relatively low cost and simple bottom bouncer strategy. This penny stock newsletter will teach you how to pick stocks.

This stock trading newsletter is relatively unknown in the penny stock world, so I thought I would do a quick review on it.

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Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter Strategy


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The primary trading strategy for the Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter is to trade ‘bottom bouncers’.

This is not a trading strategy that I regularly use (I am more of a momentum trader). Trading bottom bouncers are a key strategy in this stock trading newsletter.

However, I do respect this trading strategy as I was a member of ConnorAlerts (an expertly run stock trading chatroom by Connor Bruggemann) and he is a MASTER at the bottom bouncers!

I made significant money trading some of the bottom bouncers that Connor alerted (check out more about Connor HERE if you are interested in learning how to pick similar stocks).

What is a bottom bouncer?

Once stock chart has been trending downwards in price for an extended period of time and it shows very early signs of reversing, it is said to have ‘bottomed’.  With experience, it is relatively easy to predict the “bounce” and use this point as an entry to buy into the stock.  

The trend line from the previous rise is used as the indication to sell and take profits (see chart below).


Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter


How to Pick Stocks – Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter


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As easy as the above strategy sounds, in practice it takes a lot of experience and training to have a good success rate with bottom bouncer trades. This is where the teachings and alerts from Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter can help you dramatically speed up the learning curve on how to pick stocks that will bounce strongly and make you HUGE profits!


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With this stock trading newsletter, you will learn how to pick stocks that bounce and make you a hell of a lot of money!

Golden Penny Stock Millionaires newsletter alerts will show you which penny stocks are most likely to bounce! Members get the watchlist for the day long before the stock market opens and again 2 hours later, 30 minutes before the market opens. They have a nice ‘early bird text alert’ membership as well so that you have more time to research the stock by yourself.

Signup now to receive 3 FREE stock picks!

Each stock alert comes with easy to understand…

  • The Entry Price Of Each Stock
  • The expected Exit Price Of Each Stock
  • An overview of the Market Trader Strategy 

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Free penny stock newsletter?

I have never found a free penny stock newsletter that was worth listening to. Generally, a free penny stock newsletter is not to be trusted. Why? Because often stock promoters will use a free penny stock newsletter to promote and pump up a stock price by claiming a particular company is the next hot stock pick!

Conclusions – is this stock trading newsletter any good?

I hope this article gives you a simple quick overview of a bottom bouncing stock pick strategy. The Golden Penny Stock newsletter can really help your trading success, especially if you are good at buying low and selling high!


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Give Golden Penny Stock Millionaires Trading Newsletter a go – I love it and I am sure that you will find it valuable as well! It is my favorite penny stock newsletter. This is not a free penny stock newsletter, but it is worth the small cost.

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