Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Interview

Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Interview

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I have been following Jeff Bishop and have been a member of his awesome Bullseye Trades community for a few years now.


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Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades interview


It’s ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE options alert service and I highly recommend it to everyone that is looking for a service that actually delivers superb results.


As a member of Bullseye Trades, I have personally seen him alert trades that went up 200, 300, or even 700% after he told me about them.


I am thrilled to have been able to sit down with Jeff Bishop to interview him recently and share exactly how he achieves these large gains.


Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Interview


Me: Thank you for sitting down with me Jeff to discuss Bullseye Trades! Why is Bullseye Trades different from other services?   How is it going to help you as a trader?  


Jeff Bishop: Thanks for taking the time to interview me about Bullseye Trades! Basically, you start off each week with my full, detailed game plan for how I want to trade my single favorite idea for the week. This is going to help you learn new strategies, get a better perspective on the market, and maybe best of all – some really great trading ideas!  On top of that, I also host a live video training session each week where I break down the details of my trade plan even more and actually answer questions from members.


Me: How easy is Bullseye Trades to follow?  I know many people worry they won’t be able to get a similar price to the ‘guru’ with these trading services!


Jeff Bishop: It doesn’t matter if you have been trading for over a decade or if you are brand new to stock and options trading.  I am looking for my highest conviction stock idea, then looking to buy simple calls/puts on it. I can teach anyone how to do this if they are new to options. 


Me: Is Bullseye Trades something that is just for “day traders”?    


Jeff Bishop: It is rare I am in a trade for just a day. After my alert on Monday, I am usually in the trade for several days until either my profit or loss target is hit. This doesn’t need a lot of babysitting.


Me: Why do you trade options contracts rather than stocks?   


Jeff Bishop: A stock that makes a 5% move in a week is great, but I can find an option that could make a 100% move in the same amount of time if I am right. It’s all just about the leverage!


Me: How does Bullseye Trades program work exactly?  


Jeff Bishop: It’s best if I just show you this Bullseye Trades review… might be familiar with it! Basically I send out an email every Monday morning with my top trade idea for the week. Typically I am in these for a few days to a week or so. The article linked above contains lots of example trade alerts etc and a full track record for 2022/2023.


Me: What trading account size do you need for this?  


Jeff Bishop: Well you need enough in your account to comfortably be able to buy just 1 option contract. For example a typical contract alerted in Bullseye Trades that sells for $2 is a $200 trade. So, obviously you would have to be able to afford that plus have plenty capital in reserve so that if it is a losing trade you can still enter the next week!


Me: How many users does Bullseye Trades have?  Any testimonials?    


Jeff Bishop: Bullseye Trades has had more than 41,000 buyers since we launched.  Bullseye Trades Trustpilot shows that we are doing a great job with this service – we have 4.7 out of 5 stars!


Me: Does this strategy only work if markets go up?  


Jeff Bishop: No. I start the week thinking heavily about the market direction. If I think we are headed lower (which has happened a lot lately) then I want to find my favorite stock I think will DROP this week and then capitalize on that with put options. No smoke and mirrors.  100% transparent with email & app alerts to follow my real-money trades.


Me: Do you offer any type of money back guarantee?


Jeff Bishop: I am offering a full 30-day MGB right now.  What do you really have to lose here?


Me: Fantastic, thank you very much for sitting down with me to answer some of these common questions about Bullseye Trades!


Jeff Bishop: No problem, you are very welcome and thanks for having me!


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Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades interview


Final Thoughts

I found Jeff Bishop to be an open and honest guy. He is passionate about his services and trading options every week. I think you need to check out his services if you haven’t already!

I’m also a member of Jason Bond’s Lightning Alerts service (Jason is Jeff’s business partner) and I can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s superb for trading penny stocks.

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Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Interview

Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades review


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