Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed

Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed

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Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed


When it comes to following a trading ‘guru’ it’s important to make sure that they have a profitable track record and are credible.

It’s hard to imagine a more credible trading ‘guru’ than Jeff Zananiri.

I hope to explain in this Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Review why this is a fantastic swing trading service that you should consider purchasing.


>You can purchase a yearly subscription to Jeff’s Monthly Money Flows HERE for just $49<<


Have you come across Jeff Zananiri? Until recently, he wasn’t on my radar. He’s quite remarkable, having grown his hedge fund from $5 million to $700 million.

I highly recommend checking out “Monthly Money Flows by Jeff Zananiri.”

It’s something I believe you’ll find worthwhile.


Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Review: Who is Jeff?

Here is a short video that gives you an overview of who Jeff is and why he is credible as a trading ‘guru’.

As explained in the video, Jeff was a prodigy of the legend Allan ‘Ace’ Greenburg.

He is a real Wall St veteran – not some 20yr old in his mom’s basement issuing discord alerts!


What is Jeff Zananiri’s Monthly Money Flow Strategy (AKA Calendar Stocks)?

Former Wall Street Veteran, Jeff Zananiri, has recently uncovered an incredible trading schedule, and it has nothing to do with earnings season, Fed meetings, or any of the usual suspects.

This secret trading schedule is being used by the biggest institutional investors and hedge funds, and most investors have no idea this phenomenom exists or what causes them to happen.

Jeff’s Calendar stocks contain a silent countdown that signals exactly when to get in and when to cash out.

Jeff is going on record for the first time to reveal all the details about this secret trading schedule… how it works… and, more importantly, when Wall Street’s next move is going to be.

Watch Jeff’s Explanation of His MMF strategy HERE<<


Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed


As Jeff explains in the video link above, there is a PATTERN to when big money starts buying. It’s predicable and he is aware of it because he WAS one of the big guys doing the predicable buying!


Take a look at this chart:

Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Review


What you’re seeing is simply known as a “Calendar Stock.”


It’s a special type of stock trade that Jeff’s been using for more than 20 years to absolutely crush the average stock market returns.


It’s what helped him grow a hedge fund he used to trade at by as much as 13,625% in just ten years…


And right now, there’s a brand-new Calendar Stock that’s about to start a new countdown…


One that could soon move into triple-digit territory by the time it ends.


Click here to find out all the details behind this incredible money-making opportunity.


Because once you start taking advantage of these mysterious stocks, it’s possible for you to begin seeing market-beating returns nearly every month…


All while spending less than a few minutes per month managing your trading account.


What Do You Get with Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows?

Jeff’s service gives you an alert near the start of every month. It includes information on what stock to buy, what price to pay and what the trade plan is.

These are always swing trades that typically last 2-3 weeks (the rest of the month).

Jeff gives stock picks but also suggestions for OPTIONS to play on that stock pick to amplify your potential gains.

Here is how Jeff’s play (QCOM) worked out from May 3rd 2024 with the options gaining 50% in just 4 days!


Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed


Jeff sends out an email with all the details of the trade at the start of the month. Here is an example of the QCOM trade email….


‘One of the top stocks in the Nasdaq to start May is QCOM. Qualcomm is poised to have a big month with semiconductor stocks back in focus and all eyes on NVDA earnings later in the month. QCOM has many fundamental tailwinds with the Federal government backing semiconductor funding or U.S.-based companies, as well as huge smartphone and AI demands.


The stock is technically breaking out as of this week as the day after earnings we saw a HUGE Institutional Money Flows with nearly 4X the average volume!!!!



Ticker: QCOM  (Buy Long)

Stock Price Limit: 185 or lower

Target: 205

Duration: Good ’Til Canceled


Option Play: Buy Calls

Expiration: 6/21/24

Strike Price: 190Strike Price Call Option

Limit:4.50 Max

Target: 15

Duration: Good ’Til Canceled’


So, you can see you get all the info you need for a trade plan – except a stoploss. This is up to you but I usually just use 50% as my stop loss on these swing options trades.


Normally, a one-year subscription to Monthly Money Flows costs $299.

When considering the invaluable insights that have personally assisted some of the top investing firms in earning millions of dollars in profits, coupled with the hedge-fund level research provided, that price is an absolute steal.

However, amidst these uncertain times, and with the imminent prospect of a seismic $5.3 trillion injection poised to fuel the next bull market rally, Jeff Zananiri has secured a special offer.

For a limited time, he has persuaded his publisher to significantly reduce the price.

Individuals can now claim an entire year’s subscription for just $49 HERE.



Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed: Conclusions

I like this service a lot. Most of his trades are winners from 3% to 150% on some of the top options calls. Generally, Jeff Zananiri’s picks seem to work out in a timely manner.

For the price it’s hard to beat this monthly stock pick from a renowned Wall St veteran who turned $5MM into $700MM using this strategy! I recommend purchasing it here for just $49 for the year!

I hope this Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows review has been helpful!


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Jeff Zananiri Monthly Money Flows Reviewed

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