Kiana Danial Make Your Money Work for You (Review)

Kiana Danial Make Your Money Work for You (Review)


The Kiana Danial Workbook called Make Your Money work for You is a 500 page guide to how to get your money game in order! It isn’t just an investment guide – it covered so much more.

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In this review, I’l try to give you an overview of what is in it and if you might be able to benefit from what she teaches.

You can sign-up for the Kiana Danial Masterclass here to learn the 3 secrets she reveals to massive investment growth. She shows you that you don’t have to be some super smart math whiz to make money investing.

kiana danial make your money work for you review

Kiana Danial Make Your Money Work for You!


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Whats in it? (Kiana Danial Make Your Money Work for You Workbook)

This thing is HUGE. It’s a complete guide to everything you need to get your financial life in order. It is the foundation of the PowerCourse that Kiana sells.

If you don’t yet know who Kiana Danial is, be sure to check out my video below! She is known for her success story of going from poverty to millionaire via trading and investing!



Here is a complete list of the modules and topics in the How to Make Your Money Work for You course.

Module 1 – Mindset & Financial Planning
• Your money mindset training
• Five Keys to Financial Planning
• Credit Crunch: How to Improve Your Credit Score
• Different Approaches to Financial Planning

Module 2 – Your Family’s Current Financial Situation
• Preparing Your Financial Statements Different Approaches to Financial Planning
• Ratio Analysis Different Approaches to Financial Planning
• Budgeting Different Approaches to Financial Planning

Module 3 – Get On Top of Your Risk Tolerance
• Types of Risk
• Calculating Your Willingness to Take a Risk
• Calculating Your Ability to Take a Risk
• Investment Planning Process
• How to Measure Risk vs. Return

Module 4 – Time Value of Money
• Introduction to Time Value of Money (TVM)
• Four Essential Steps for TVM
• Solving TVM for Future Value
• Solving TVM for Present Value
• Solving TVM for Term or Number of Periods
• Solving TVM for Payments + Lottery Winners!

Module 5 – Starting to Invest
• Types of Investment
• Making Investment Plans
• Meeting Liquidity Needs with Short-Term Investments

Module 6 – Stocks | Margins | Short Selling
• Introduction to the Stock Market
• Investing Internationally
• Trading Hours and Market Conditions
• Margin Trading
• Short Selling

Module 7 – Investment Research & Execution
• Invest Diva Diamond Analysis (IDDA)
• Investment Research and Planning
• Market Averages and Indexes
• Four Types of Market Orders
• Day Trading & Transaction Tips

Module 8– Fundamentals of Stocks
• Pros and Cons of Stocks
• Different Types of Stocks
• All About Dividends Income
Module 9– Applying IDDA to Stocks

• Overview of Stock Analysis
• Economic Analysis
• Industry Analysis


You can see it is an extensive course! It took me weeks to work through all the material! I was able to skip some just because it was about topics that I am already familiar with.


Conclusions: Kiana Danial Make Your Money Work for You

If you are looking for a complete education on how to make your money work for you – Kiana Danial’s course is probably a good place to start.

You can sign-up for the FREE MASTERCLASS here for more info.



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Kiana Danial Make Your Money Work for You (Review)

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