Invest Diva Reddit Reviews

Invest Diva Reddit Reviews


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Many people turn to Reddit for other people’s opinions on alerts services and courses. Sure, it can be a great way to hear other people’s experiences.

I did a quick search for ‘Invest Diva Reddit Reviews’ to check out what others are saying about this flamboyant investor.


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Invest Diva Reddit Reviews: About Kiana

What the Invest Diva Reddit reviews don’t tell you about is who the person actually is. The reviews will usually be by people that have not even tried the services or course!

I will address these negative Invest Diva Reddit reviews a bit later on in this article.

But first, who is Invest Diva aka Kiana Danial ?

Invest Diva Reddit Reviews

Kiana is an investor and entrepreneur. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and kids. Kiana Danials husband is an ACTUAL rocket scientist!

This power couple have done very well for themselves it seems – but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Kiana Danial was born in Iran and her family was nearly killed by the regime there. She fled to the USA and managed to get a job in the male dominated arena on Wall Street.

She was fired from that job – not for any kind of fraud like I’m SURE the skeptics on Reddit think…..rather she was trying to push more ethical behavior!

She started learning everything she could about trading and investing and began to make money for herself in these areas. She soon decided to teach people her ways and founded Invest Diva.

Unfortunately, anyone that dares to charge for a service in the trading/investing industry will immediately experience a typical response from some individuals.

Even just talking about services such as Kiana offers can cause some people to be so triggered they send death threats! Yup, I occasionally get death threats for being too positive about certain services or people in this industry!


Services Kiana Offers

Kiana has authored five books on investing, money management and trading stocks. She also offers a higher price PowerCourse as well as a month-to-month alerts service. The prices range from $9.99 for a book to about $997 for the PowerCourse. I have read and tried most of her products and I love them.


Invest Diva Reddit Reviews: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The first thing that comes up if you search for Kiana Danial Reddit reviews is the question ‘Is Invest Diva/ Kiana Danial a scam?’. Everyone is so worried things are scams that they miss great opportunities!

The complaints seem to be marketing orientated – some people hate standard high ticket item marketing. They see it all as a scam. However, it pays to just think about it. A product can be marketed with high pressure sales tactics and still be valuable and legit.

Likewise, Reddit ‘reviewers’ love to hate on a product just because it is expensive. Expensive often just means the author knows their own and the products value.


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I know plenty of legitimate traders (friends) that charge a lot for their services and are 100% legit. Smart business people know their worth and the value they provide.

That argument is also valid when countering the classic ‘If they know how to invest why are they selling a product’. Well, given the choice would you rather just make $1MM a year investing or make that $1MM AND sell a course on how you do it and passively make an extra $1MM from that as well?

It’s kind of a no brainer! There are so many positive reviews from women that have completed the courses etc. Here is just one of them.

Invest Diva Reddit Reviews: Conclusions

Overall, I have been happy with the products that I have purchased from Kiana’s Invest Diva company.

If you want to learn more directly from her instead of some troll on Reddit, check out her FREE MASTERCLASS HERE.



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Invest Diva Reddit Reviews

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