Millionaire Traders Tips to Day Trading Only 1 Hour Per Day

Day Trading CAN make you very wealthy. Learn how to become a day trading millionaire! Here are a few tips that millionaire day traders use to make consistent profits in the market. Many use first hour trading strategies that we reveal here. If you are new then it might be worth considering day trading stock picks.

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Do you dream of becoming a day trading millionaire? I have written many profiles and articles on this blog all about the many successful day traders that I know.

My whole goal is to give you the trading resources that will help you become successful. I have learned from many professional day traders and I can tell you that this type of mentorship is CRUCIAL if you want to trade stocks professionally.



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The Problem With Day Trading

Most people I talk to have heard of day trading stocks. They usually think that it is very stressful and high risk but that it can result in some serious wealth generation very quickly.

The problem is that the majority of day traders go for quantity of trades over quality of trades. This can lead to people being glued to the computer all day, making many terrible trades and just losing money. This is no the best way to make money and have a good quality of life.


The Solution for Stress Free Day Trading

Here is the thing though –  successful day trading occurs when you only trade a few quality hours per day. 

If you want to be like the millionaire day traders – try day trading for only the first 1-2 hours starting at the market open in the morning.

This opening hour trading strategy is the key to making money with day trading. Here is one strategy called the Opening Range Breakout strategy that is used successfully by many profitable day traders.

Sometimes subscribing to some high quality day trading stock picks can help you to learn more quickly.


Opening Hour Trading Advantages

Day trading can be quite risky even if you take advantage of the opening hour volatility. Here is why you need to implement a strategy of just playing the stock market open:

  1. Volatility is highest at the market open. Day traders make money if they are on the correct side of the volatility.
  2. Earnings reports are often released between 8am and 9:15am that adds to the volatility and opens up massive opportunities if you are alert.
  3. Opening gaps can be ‘faded’ if you like trade to short. Usually, if a stock gaps up more than about 1% at the open, it will at least temporarily return to the pre-gap price. This is a statistical likely hood that you can trade for a point or two profits.
  4. FOMC meetings and economic reports can also drive the price of certain stocks at the open.


Trading the open is a high risk high reward strategy. Be prepared to be very alert and consider trading pre-market as well.




Most amateur stock traders are very wary or don’t even know how to trade pre-market.

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bullseye trades graphic

Every Monday at the market open, Jeff sends you his weekly Bullseye Trade.

2022 has been AMAZING for these Bullseye Trades!

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This gives you a huge advantage!


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Millionaire day traders make 5% – 80% per winning trade!

Accepting Losses As Part of The Process

Even the best strategy will result in losing money on some plays. The best strategy is to just relax, be confident that this will average out over time and take the rest of the day off.

The worst thing you can do is start chasing losses, by making huge gambles in order to make up for the loss! This is probably the fastest way to blow up your account.

Cameron Fous – Day Trading just One hour Per Day

When I started, I signed up for stock alerts from Cameron Fous (a day trading millionaire) and although I did not have a lot of success with his strategy, I know many people who make money using his strategy.

The one thing that I learned from him is that he is a master at trading just the first hour of the stock market open.

Here is a video showing his lifestyle after 15 years of day trading success. Hopefully it inspires you! Fous is an expert at first hour trading strategies so it is well worth learning from him.

Fous also offers day trading stock picks that he has found to be quite lucrative. He has done a good job marketing his service with many videos on social media that show a millionaire lifestyle. Here is my review article about Cameron Fous.

Timothy Sykes Morning Panic Strategy

Timothy Sykes is probably the best known day trader in the world – and for good reason. Check out my review of Tim Sykes trading strategy and hear his story of turning $15k into $4 Million!

You can be inspired by these traders, check out Tim’s video below for more inspiration! Tim is a world-class expert in making money from the stock market in the first 1 hour after the open.




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Day trading stock picks every day!

Conclusions – first hour trading strategies

If you must become a day trader and enjoy the kind of stress and potential reward that entails, please learn a good strategy like the ones I have introduced you to above.




You will be able to lower your stress by just playing the first 1 hr of the stock market open and overall this will help you become a millionaire trader!



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first hour trading strategies

Some times first hour trading strategies can work really well.

Services offering day trading stock picks

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Become a day trading millionaire and finally get financial freedom! Millionaire day traders know what to do and what to avoid. Hopefully these first hour trading strategies will help you make more money trading.

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