Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders Review

Welcome to my Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders review. I joined the Bear Bull Traders community to see if this is a valuable service for new traders. Turns out it is!


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So here it is….

Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders Review: What is Bearbulltraders?

Bear Bull Traders started in 2016 in Canada (Vancouver). They are very community orientated with many webinars and classes along with a chatroom that is unlike any that I have ever been a member of.

You can check out Bear Bull Traders website here for more information.

But more on that later….

First, lets look at who the founder of Bear Bull Traders REALLY is!


Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders Review: Andrew Aziz

This is Andrew Aziz of Bear Bull Traders…..

Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders review


Andrew Aziz is pretty well known as a day trader. I like how he has a science background like me! We both have PhD’s in science (mine is in physics and his is in chemical engineering) and we both quit our research science jobs to pursue stock trading!

Well, I quit. Andrew ‘lost’ his job but it is not clear what exactly happened.

We aren’t even sure if Andrew Aziz is his real name! A former employee on YouTube claimed that is it not his real name. I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it is probably no big deal. I have seen some of the crazies out there that get mad at financial educators…..heck my real name is NOT Wesley lol.

Andrew Aziz day trading strategy is explained in his two books:


  • How to Day Trade for a Living: Tools and Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology 
  • Advanced Techniques in Day Trading: A Practical Guide to High Probability Day Trading Strategies and Methods







Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders Review: Bear Bull Traders Platform

You can check out Bear Bull Traders website here for more information.

Andrew founded Bear Bull Traders to build a community of traders that are eager to learn everything about day trading. You can check out some more information about his strategy and the community on the Bear Bull Traders YouTube channel.

Andrew Aziz day trading strategy is not complicated. He simply uses some easily made pre-market scanners and a real-time intraday scanner to find the best stocks that he wants to trade.

He has some excellent money management skills. He recommends only risking 2% or less of your trading capital per trade! This is much smaller than most traders would consider using! He is all about having new traders SURVIVE rather than make a ton of money right off the bat.

Aziz lives by the ‘keep it simple stupid’ motto. He doesn’t use many complicated indicators. Typically, he relies on simple lines of support and resistance. Sometimes these are moving average lines or the VWAP indicator.

He buys at support levels and tries to sell as high as possible before the next resistance level. Simple, right?

Here is a video showing one of the simple strategies that the guys at Bear Bull Traders use in their day trading.





Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders Review: What Do You Get With Bear Bull Traders Service?

You get a LOT of stuff with Bear Bull Traders. Honestly, the education and commentary throughout the day is the main attractive features of the service.

Want to copy stock or option buy alerts? This service would probably disappoint you. If you are looking for an active live chat room and a TON of educational videos etc. then you will love it!



Educational Resources

You even get video lessons and webinars from a trading psychologist…..I’ve never seen that before.

This really is a huge, active and thriving community. The forum alone has tens of thousands of posts. You can literally find anything you would ever need to know trading related.

You can check out Bear Bull Traders website here for more information.


Daily Live Chatroom

A couple of guys start talking to the chatroom pre-market. During the time that I was in the chatroom, the guys that did this were called Norm and Carlos.

I would listen to them talking about what stocks they liked, build their watch lists and discuss any relevant news or market conditions. This is all very useful to have streaming into your ears while you work on your own stuff.

The style of the trades discussed is almost always very short term trades – often minutes or less. These guys are fast traders and you will not be able to follow any of the trades they actually make. Often, I would miss the actual entry commentary into a particular trade.

I would just hear that someone had exited a trade….I would be like what I didn’t hear him say he bought it in the first place!

You can learn a lot from the Bear Bull Traders but don’t expect actual actionable alerts.






Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders Review: Conclusions

Bear Bull Traders costs $99 a month if you pay for an annual subscription.

Here are some of the pricing options and more information about the services that they offer.

The most useful thing for me with Bear Bull Traders is the pre-market and market hour commentary. They build real-time watch lists while discussing the stocks via audio.

This is cool because I can just listen to it in the background and if I hear anything interesting I can flip over and do my own due diligence etc.

The education is pretty extensive and worth it for the new trader that wants to learn everything about trading stocks and options! There really is no alerts though that can be copies as everything moves too fast.


Good Luck!



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Anything to add to my Andrew Aziz Bearbulltraders review? Think Andrew Aziz is a scam? Comment below.


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