Cameron Fous Day Trader (Cameron Fous Scam?)

Cameron Fous stock trading – Learn the Fous trading strategy! Fous has a trading system called the Fous 4 – four patterns he uses to make millions of dollars trading stocks! Now he has started IKNK Traders….

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Is there a Cameron Fous scam? Read on to find out!

I want to introduce you to experienced day trader Cameron Fous. This guy was really my first introduction to stock trading – he is actually a friend of a friend.


I was referred to Cameron Fous by my friend who had seen him posting his ‘huge’ stock trading profits on Facebook.



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Fous 4

The Fous 4 Patterns Can Make You Money!

My Cameron Fous Review

At the time he was claiming about $10,000 profits per month day trading stocks – sometimes up to $50,000 per month on a good month!

I was still a low paid employee ($55k per year) at the time and I was blown away with a guy apparently making my annual salary in 1 month working from home!

Cameron Fous changed my life by introducing me to the world of stock trading. I will always be grateful for that.

Although I was never able to make a profit or replicate his trade alerts in his chatroom, I learned the basics and several essential lessons from being part of his trading community.

I hope you find the information in this article useful and please know that I have no affiliation with Cameron Fous or his business.

He currently runs IKNK traders where he is continuing his stock trading educational services.

Here is an update video on my experience in his IKNK Traders room.

Cameron Fous Background

I want to start this Cameron Fous review by giving you his background.

Cameron Fous grew up in the liberal hippy town of Eugene, Oregon. He is about 33 years old and is currently living in Asia, traveling as a ‘Digital Nomad’.


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Until recently he lived in San Diego, Ca. Cameron has been trading penny stocks for at least 10 years, starting out part time trading while working as a bartender.


Cameron Fous Scam


He started trading with a few thousand dollars and built his account up over several years of trading the most volatile penny stocks.

Fous had a fairly typical trading apprenticeship that was composed of making a lot of money, losing it all, blowing up his trading account.

He repeated this disaster twice. Eventually he learned to follow his own trading rules and stop swinging for the home run win on every trade. This was not a short learning process – it took 3-4 years!


Cameron Fous Trading Style

A lot of new traders join Fous Alerts and consider it a ‘scam’. Is Fous Alerts a scam? I think this is a bit unfair because what Cameron teaches is textbook technical analysis.

He has packaged classic chart patterns and named them after himself. He calls these patterns the ‘Fous4’. It is important to realize that the Fous 4 patterns are not Cameron’s original creation.


The Fous 4 Patterns

This branding of the Fous 4 patterns initially looks like some kind of marketing scam.

However, I actually like how he has taken 4 chart patterns out of the many different technical patterns that one can trade, and said ‘hey focus on these Fous 4 patterns’.


Cameron Fous review


This approach greatly simplifies learning to trade stocks using technical analysis. It gives the newbie crucial focus and even to this day I still take into account some of his patterns.

Cameron Fous trades intra-day and swing trades small cap stocks usually in the price range of $1-$20 per share.

His normal position size is in the $10,000 – $20,000 range so as new trader it is a little difficult to make decent money copying his alerts.

The trick is to learn his strategy and make sure you don’t just blindly follow his alerts.

The Fous 4 patterns are explained in his Fous 4 and Fous4x2 training DVDs. The Fous 4 patterns are swing trade patterns while the Fous 4×2 is almost exclusively about the Fous day trading patterns.

The Fous 4 DVD is extremely highly rated at (check out the reviews of the Fous 4 DVD).


Fous Alerts Chatroom – Cameron Fous Scam?

I was a member of the Fous Alerts chatroom for a year or so. It might have changed since I was a member but in general it was a rather young male culture type of chatroom.

Many money hungry and wanna be gangster types in the room bragging about girls and money. It was pretty obnoxious really.

The information and alerts were usually quite good though and I know there was a few people making OK money following the strategy.

At the time Fous himself, was rather unprofessional, failing to show up in the mornings to the chatroom.

Typically there was 100-200 people in the chatroom. Fous claimed to have many thousands more subscribers that did not come into the room and just received email alerts.


cameron fous scam


Fous dishes out solid chart patterns that can make money for you. He is exceptionally good at encouraging tight stop losses and letting your winners run.

His win rate is average, around 50% or so with his winning trades making a lot more money than his losers cost him.

There is no perfect way to verify his track record, or winning profits (I estimate his claimed profits to be over $1 Million) but the big question is – do you care what he has made trading?

The bottom line is the chart patterns that he preaches about can be very profitable and for the relatively small fee ($74 per month) I would say try it for yourself!

Nobody ever went bankrupt because of investing $74 in education!


Fous Alerts Customer Service

I feel that it is worth mentioning that I was less than impressed with the guy that runs the customer service at Fous Alerts. He was a subscriber in the chatroom when I was a member and rather obnoxious.

There are also rumors that Fous owes affiliates money for promoting his service and did not pay them. This may or may not be true of course! You can’t believe everything that you read on the internet.


Fous Alerts

Fous Alerts

Cameron Fous IKNK Traders

IKNK Traders is the latest venture that Fous started to teach stock trading. The motto is ‘Be Iconic’ which seems pretty ego driven….

Interestingly, I watched a series of videos that Fous made when he rebranded from Fous Alerts to IKNK traders. He claimed in the videos that he was tired of drinking alcohol, partying and ‘lifestyle marketing’.

He spoke in length about feeling like he wasn’t being true to himself by flashing fast cars, models and pool side mansion trading. Apparently, this just wasn’t the real him…

Looking through the IKNK Traders website, there are a few things that strike me as interesting. The main thing is that Fous has partnered with one of his longtime students called Mike Spinosa.

The other interesting observation is that they don’t advertise ‘stock alerts’ really – it is all courses, simulators, scanners and a live trading broadcast. There is no mention of being sent ‘real-time alerts’.

Given that was Fous’s main focus before IKNK Traders, I find it a bit odd. Could it be that he got into some kind of legal problems with his ‘alerts’ service? There were many claims all over the internet where people alleged that he wasn’t really executing the alerts he claimed to be doing in Fous Alerts.

Of course, he may have just wanted to go in a different direction with IKNK Traders and avoid the ‘alerts’ service vibe.

IKNK Traders talks a lot about mindset etc. I think this is great! However, Fous seems to have toned down the ‘lifestyle marketing’ a bit – but there are still people with Maserati’s on his sales pages LOL!


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Conclusions – The Fous trading strategy

I believe that Cameron Fous offers some good beginner trading coaching via his chatroom alerts, video lessons and DVDs.

Is there a Cameron Fous scam? I don’t think so. I just don’t think his strategy is easy for new traders to piggy back on the fast day trade alerts.

Cameron Fous IKNK traders site is a huge improvement over his previous business and I like how he seems to be trying to be more authentic. His IKNK traders community seems to be pretty good and a great way to interact with other traders.

Good Luck!



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What do you think of the Cameron Fous day trading stocks strategy? I hope you have enjoyed this Cameron Fous review. Is Fous Alerts a Cameron Fous scam? I don’t think so. I Like his new IKNK Traders website.



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