Teeka Tiwari Review (Palm Beach Confidential)

Welcome to my Teeka Tiwari review! He is certainly a controversial figure in the investment/trading community. But is he legit?


I am not a a cryptocurrency trader. However, I keep coming across this guy called Teeka Tiwari. I figured I’d look into him and what he does – hence this Teeka Tiwari review was born.

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Introducing Teeka Tiwari

I honestly had not heard of Teeka before I decided to write this Teeka Tiwari review. Its weird! I have been in the financial world for many years and didn’t know who he was.

For any of you that are in the same boat, Teeka Tiwari’s main claim to fame is that he predicted the rise of Ethereum from $10 to well over $350.

But his history in the financial world is much deeper. Teeka was actually hired by the Lehman Brothers at just 18 years old. This makes him the youngest person to have been hired by them – ever!

He became the vice president of Shearson, the name of the investment banking and retail brokerage firms that were spin-offs from Lehman Brothers.

Yes, he was vice president at just 21 years old! This is another record in the history of the company.


Founding Tycoon Publishing

He started in 2005 as a co-founder of Tycoon Publishing. This company focused on building a trading service (Point & Profit) to help teach investing to beginners. He also founded  ETF Master Trader that was pretty revolutionary in helping people learn about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

In 2008 Teeka rebranded ETF Master Trader into a new service called Sector Hunter.

Teeka Tiwari is now the editor at the Palm Beach Research Group. He focuses on wealth/risk management and cryptocurrency.

Tiwari seemed to focus on ETFs in his earlier days and has switched to Cryptocurrency in the last few years.

At the start of 2019 Teeka Tiwari released The Smart Crypto Course in partnership with Glenn Beck.
Teeka Tiwari Review: What Is In The Smart Crypto Course?

Here is what you get in Teeka’s Smart Crypto Course:


  1. Video Lessons that train you on his strategy
  2. Access to special crypto reports
  3. Access to Palm Beach Letter – this is a cryptocurrency picks service that costs $199, but you get it included in the course



Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter


Teeka has been really making money in the last year or two. Some of the recommendations that he has made in his Palm Beach Confidential newsletter.

I noticed that he has had recent cryptocurrency trades that have returned as much as 400% in just a few days! Pretty incredible.


What Do You Get With A Palm Beach Confidential Subscription

Palm Beach Confidential is an online subscription newsletter that gives you access to a TON of different educational cryptocurrency related information.

The cool thing about this newsletter is that it is very friendly for beginners. Even if you are really new to crypto trading, you will learn a lot from the information on this site.


Updates Section: Buy/Sell Alerts

Teeka emails trade updates to his subscribers, including buy/sell recommendations. This section on the site has all the records of these updates that have been sent out to subscribers. Updates are quite frequent (several times a week).


The Reports Section

As a subscriber of the Palm Beach Confidential newsletter, you get access to a range of awesome reports about cryptocurrency trading. There are some webinars in this section as well.



Teeka’s portfolio is an extremely valuable part of the Palm Beach Confidential newsletter. This is where you can find everything that he has bought etc. All of the cryptocurrency recommendations and some stock trades.

If you look through the portfolio section, you can see the amazing track record that the newsletter has enjoyed.



Four Simple Steps to Buy and Store Cryptocurrencies

This section introduces beginners to all of the basic concepts. You will learn how and where to buy cryptocurrency. They give you a good overview of things like the difference between a bitcoin exchange and a bitcoin wallet.

They give a ton of information about how to buy cryptocurrencies. They also give a guide on how to protect your virtual wallet. Overall, they seem to give you a ton of good information from an expert on the subject of cryptocurrency.



Teeka Tiwari review



Conclusions: Palm Beach Confidential Newsletter Review

From what I found while researching this Teeka Tiwari review, I feel like it is worth investing in Teeka’s Crypto Picks. I know a few people that lost a ton of money when investing in bitcoin back in early 2018. The huge spike in price caught a lot of people out.

I think that crypto investing/trading has a lot of potential, but it is probably worth having an expert like Teeka to help you through in these early days. There are so many coins and so many scams associated with crypto trading. Be careful!

I am sticking to options trading….


Good Luck!





I hope that my Teeka Tiwari review gave you some insight into this interesting trader! He is certainly a controversial figure in the investment/trading community. But is he legit?


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