Ben Sturgill Dark Pool Picks Review

Ben Sturgill Dark Pool Picks Review

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Ben Sturgill Dark Pool Picks Review


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Who is Ben Sturgill?

Ben is a trader that used to be a pro basketball player! He is just one of many guys that I know that were in some kind of physical sport related career before turning to trading stocks. He has been trading for 10+ years now and appears to be very successful.


IPO Payday Ben Sturgill Raging Bull



Ben Sturgill runs multiple services are RagingBull. He took over many of them and has added his own twist to existing RagingBull services. Here is a screen shot of his current services.

ben sturgill review


I am reviewing each service starting with the top one for this article (Dark Pool Picks). Dollar Ace, LottoX, Mobile Closer and 0-DTE are all well respected services that I can’t wait to start working on!

RagingBull operates 10+ services and many of them are in my opinion the best in the industry. They seem to be real money traders that are both helpful and entertaining.

Ben Sturgill Mobile Closer Reviews


What Do You Get with Dark Pool Picks?

The main part of this service seems to be the live dynamic watch list that streams throughout the trading day. There doesn’t seem to be alerts sent out or emails – rather a sophisticated live stream that updates as new tickers popup as potential trades based on dark pool orders.

Video lessons: You get access to a library of video lessons all about different topics related to trading options etc. There are dozens of videos that last from a few minutes to over an hour in length. There seem to be fairly useful.

dark pool picks review

Summary and Update Emails

You get fairly short emails from Ben. These usually give a bit more information on one or two particularly interesting picks that have come up on the Dark Pool Pick scanner. Here is an example of an email.


Ben Sturgill Dark Pool Picks Review: Conclusions

Ben Sturgill Dark Pool Picks is an interesting service as it seems include a dynamic watch list that updates during market hours. The emails that are sent out are quite helpful and often profitable.



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Ben Sturgill Dark Pool Picks Review

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