TheoTrade Ultima Zone Spike Review

Welcome to my TheoTrade Ultima Zone Spike review by Don Kaufman.

It doesn’t get more legit in this business than Don Kaufman and TheoTrades. In this review I want to give you some more info about what to expect from Don and TheoTrades services.


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The Ultima Spike alerts program from TheoTrades has recently won 105 trades out of 109!!

You can check out how in his free webinar for more information!


don kaufman ultima spike review


TheoTrades is known for their authentic and detailed trading education and alerts. Don Kaufman is highly respected in the industry and who better to teach you than the man who spent 15 years at TDA ThinkorSwim working on the educational content.


About Don Kaufman

Don started trading in the 90’s. Pretty experienced, right!? He worked at ThinkorSwim from 2001 to 2015 and built the educational suite for them.

TheoTrade Ultima Zone Spike Review


He also had access to the options flow data – one of very few people that did. This has been revolutionary for Don because he was able to see what worked for successful people and what didn’t. This data was in the billions so that the sample size was more than adequate to draw conclusions from.

It seems to be this learning experience that Don imparts onto TheoTrade students.


What Does TheoTrades Teach?

They teach everything from buying stocks to selling options to collect premium. They literally have courses on EVERYTHING trading related and they are all reasonably priced.

The courses are high quality. Here is a complete list of the different courses that they offer. It covers a lot! The courses and classes range from $99 a month to $299 a month. They have a ton of packaging options to save money etc.

  • Sell Premium Class
  • Iron Up! (Iron Condor’s Class)
  • High Probability Trading with In/Out Spreads Class
  • Survive and Thrive in Extreme Volatility Class
  • Options 101 – The Basics and Beyond Class (5-Part Course)
  • Covered Calls: Income Generation for Your Stocks Class
  • Options 201 – Vertical and Calendar Spreads and Essentials (5 Part Course)
  • Guide to Selling High Probability Trades Class
  • Increasing Vertical Spread Probabilities with Technical Analysis Class
  • Small Account Options Trading Workshop Package
  • Guide to Getting Short and Collecting Income
  • The Next Big Short Class (Risk Twist Spreads)
  • RSI Unleashed Class: Building a Comprehensive Trading Framework
  • Essential Skills for Consistency in Trading Class
  • Weekly Diagonal Spreads for Consistent Income Class
  • Butterfly’s Guide to Weekly Returns Class
  • Technical Analysis 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Better Trader Class
  • Fractal Energy Trading Class
  • 2017 Plan or Get Slaughtered Class
  • Futures 101: An Introduction to Futures Contracts Class
  • Pairs Trading: The Final Frontier Class
  • Intra-Day Trading Nasdaq Futures Class
  • Technical Analysis 201: From Chart Setups to Trading Execution Methodology Class
  • Definitive Guide to Order Execution Class
  • The Whale Trade Workshop
  • Consistent Intraday Strategies and Setups Class
  • Art & Science of Trend Trading Class
  • What Products to Watch and Why Class
  • Weekly Options Trading Advantage Class
  • Contrarian Trading Class
  • Secret Weapon to Trading Options on ETF’s Class (Tetrapod Spreads)
  • Fundamentals 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Macroeconomic, Industry, and Financial Statement Analysis Class
  • Greek Week (5-Part Class)
  • Ichimoku Cloud Trading System Class
  • 5 Essential Building Blocks to Successful Trading Workshop
  • The High probability Intraday Trading System
  • Beginner’s Guide to Ratio Butterflys Class
  • Technical Trading: System and Design Testing Class
  • Pattern Recognition: A Fundamental Introduction to Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques Class
  • The Trap Trading System Class
  • How Do You See Risk? A Guide to Evaluating & Applying Technical Volatility Indicators class
  • How Do You Read Charts? A Guide to Classic Price Pattern Recognition Class
  • Trading VIX Options Course
  • The Reducing Risk and Maximizing Returns Blueprint (Atomic Hedge Strategy) Class
  • Guide to Scanning for Potential Stock Trades Class
  • Strategy Week: Using High Probability Options Strategies
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Intraday Trading Strategies & Setups Class
  • Professor Jeff Bierman’s 15 Class Bundle (The Professor’s Package)
  • Beginners Guide to Trading Intraday Futures Class
  • Ultimate Guide to Swing Trading Stocks Class
  • Slim Miller’s Cycle Analysis Workshop
  • How to Collect Income Being Short Workshop
  • Passages To Profitability: A Comprehensive Guide To Channel Trading
  • FruitFly For Consistent Income Class
  • Trading Earnings Formula Class
  • Beginners Guide to Swing Trading Growth Stocks Class
  • The Day Trading ES Futures Blueprint Class
  • Consistent Small Account Growth Formula Class
  • Selling Options For A Living Class
  • Mastering Intraday Trend Days Class
  • Seeing the Big Picture: How Economics and Monetary Policy Drives the Market Class
  • Maximum Returns with Infinity Spreads Class
  • Generate Weekly Income by Trend-Trading Stocks Intraday Class


That is just a HUGE list!


TheoTrade Ultima Zone Spike Review

The classes are very comprehensive but the main product that most subscribers are buying is called The Ultima Spike. This is an alerts service that gives a few alerts per week from Don Kaufman.

Ultima Zone also has extensive classes included. I mean a lot of them! Over 100!!!

Guide to Selling High Probability Spreads (a $497 Class)
• Iron Up: Iron Condors for Income (a $150 Class)
• Sell Premium and Minimize Your Risk (a $497 Class)
• Day Trading Nasdaq Futures Class (a $100 Class)
• Covered Calls: Income Generation for Your Stocks (a $150 Class)
• Essential Skills for Consistency in Trading Class (a $200 Class)
• The Top 10 Skills for Growing a Small Account (a $100 Class)
• Pairs Trading: The Final Frontier Class (a $200 Class)
• And MANY MORE with NEW Classes added every month!


These might be subject to change and I highly recommend checking out the webinar and more info here for confirmation of what is included.


TheoTrade Ultima Zone Spike Review: Strategy

To best understand what the Ultima Spike is and how it can help you make money be sure to check out the webinar. The idea seems to be to utilize some smart options selling techniques that include spreads and Iron Condors to ensure a very high success rate.

From what I see in the webinar – it includes A TON of extras not just alerts. We are talking dozens of courses and dozens of instructors, again be sure to check the webinar to make sure this is still the case when you are reading this!

Don Kaufman uses options Skew and premium decay to win 90% of his trades with the Ultima Zone.


TheoTrade Ultima Zone Spike Review: Conclusions

I have a lot of respect for TheoTrades and the Ultima Zone program. You can tell from all the free information that they put out there that the instructors are the real deal.

I know that selling options can be risky but they seem to have a good strategy in place to mitigate the risk with spreads etc. I do believe the claimed track record of 90% wins.

It also seems to me from reading through the presentation that they are also very keenly aware that the 90% win rate has to include good trade management to ensure that the 1/10 trades that loses doesn’t wipe out all the previous wins!

don kaufman ultima spike review


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