Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review

Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review. Is there some weird Don Kaufman TheoTrade SCAM!?


I first came across Don Kaufman and TheoTrade when a member in my Stock Alerts Facebook Group asked about it. A few members replied and said they liked his training and recommended checking him out.

So I did. Here is what I have found.

But first…..


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Who Is Don Kaufman and TheoTrade?

Don is well-known in the stock trading financial management world. He has over two decades of experience trading stocks and options.

Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review

It’s pretty cool to read that Don use to work at TD Ameritrade and was in chart of the educational content on the Thinkorswim platform.

They are widely known as the industry leaders in options and trading education and Don Kaufman played an important role in this.



You can also check out their own YouTube channel for lots of education etc.

But is the paid service some kind of Don Kaufman TheoTrade scam ?


Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review: What Do You Get?

For a month subscription fee of $99, you get access to a huge video lesson library and a live trading chatroom.

The video lessons are a bit like most of these stock educational services – you can find much of the information for free on YouTube. However, you are paying for the organization of the material with the monthly fee. This doesn’t sound so valuable but in my experience it is worth it!

There are four different guys that teach different trading strategies. This is useful because you can test out different strategies and see which one resonates with you.

Check out all the different classes that they offer here.


Here is what you get with Don Kaufman’s class


Don Kaufman sends buy/sell alerts via text, but not very often – maybe 1 or 2 times a week. If you’re following his class, he’ll make live trades, talk you why he’s doing it, and posts it in the chat.

That is pretty cool.

Depending on the market conditions he’ll probably do anywhere from zero to 10 different trades, during his session. Don also records a daily video pre-market and these can be very helpful.

Don specializes in options trading and seems to be the main contributor for options educational material.


There is EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about options trading in the classes.

Want to learn about Deltas? There’s probably 5-10 hours of classes just on deltas alone. Think delta is only used for the rate of change on the first dollar? Think again… it aggregates risk, tells directional bias, tells probability, etc.

You’re taught to trade in only high liquid products: SPY, SPX, QQQ, Futures, Netflix, FB, etc – main reason is the bid/ask spread and getting out at a favorable return.

If you’re looking for 55% return, while there’s a 80%+ differentials on the bid/ask, you’re dead already…

Honestly, you don’t need alerts. The classes on each strategy has set criteria for how to execute and exit that specific strategy.

The criteria has been put through what’s called a Monte Carlo simulation method in today’s market – I guarantee no other teacher is doing this, because the computers to run this effectively are in the millions of dollars… TheoTrade is partnered with a high velocity trading firm to run these simulations.

In return, they can use the criteria for their own uses.

There is so much material and they will even answer your emails if you can’t understand a concept! There are hundreds of hours of educational content for you to go through. It really is a huge vault of stock and options trading education.

They also have an active chatroom where you can network with experienced traders.


The Rebel’s Guide To Trading Options by Don Kaufman

You can get The Rebel’s Guide To Trading Options by Don Kaufman for FREE HERE.

It is a 50 page eBook that covers a range of topics that rock the boat on the mainstream idea’s about trading.

The Rebel's Guide To Trading Options by Don Kaufman


Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review: Refund Policy

They offer a 365 day refund policy if you buy a single class. If you buy the membership, which gives you access to all the classes and coaching ($99 a month), there are no refunds.


Don Kaufman TheoTrade Review: Conclusions


Don Kaufman’s TheoTrade service at $99 a month seems quite reasonably priced. You can find the live trading room etc. here.

If you are interested in daily learning, I think you will get a lot from this service. There is over 4 hours of open coaching daily, from at least 3 different teachers. It’s live, you can ask questions etc.

Quant traders, technicals, day trade futures or option traders, each teacher has a special focus. Everything is recorded and they have what seems to be 1000’s of searchable keyword videos.

I like how they offer refunds on classes. Overall, I recommend checking out TheoTrade if you want to further your education.

Good Luck!



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Hopefully this Don Kaufman TheoTrade review has been useful. Let me know in the comments below if you think Don Kaufman is a scam or legit! Do you think that there is a Don Kaufman TheoTrade scam?


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