Jason Bond Lightning Strikes Review

Jason Bond Lightning Strikes Review


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Jason Bond Lightning Strikes Review

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Jason Bond Lightning Strikes Review



The stock market is up from 4A – 8P ET with the regular trading hours clearly defined 9:30 – 4P ET.

But not all trading times are created equal.

Some of the biggest moves originate from 7 – 10A ET which is why Jason Bond live streams from his home office in New Hampshire during that time.

Jason Bond calls these Lightning Strikes.


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Jason Bond Lightning Alerts: What is it?

I want to be clear before I go any further → Lighting Alerts focuses on swing trades.


But there are pockets within the day in which traders can often find a stock under $10 that is about to make a monster move.


And what’s super cool about Lighting Strike, is busy professionals can often attend and see some exciting action before going off to work.


This service by Jason Bond focuses on both swing trades and day trades. The focus is on education and alerts.


Jason Bond Lightning Strike Alerts: News Breakouts

Jason Bond looks for 1-2 news breakouts and this is exactly how he found and alerted AMAM just minutes into what ended up being a 1,007% same day move.


There’s no shortage of news breakouts from 7-10A ET.

It’s one of Jason Bond’s most popular live streams each day, with hundreds, a cup of coffee in hand, in attendance.

The Lightning Strike on LUCY is a great example of how many explosive stocks there are right now.

KALA went to $17.48 that day and $56’s a few days later.


Jason Bond Lightning Alerts: Swing Trades

Lightning Alerts, at its core, is about small-cap swing trading. But if Jason can sneak in 1-2 power Lightning Strikes each morning, it’s a hell of a way to start the day and compliments those swing trade alerts quite nicely.

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Jason Bond’s Technical Analysis Techniques

Here are some of the techniques that Jason Bond uses in the Lightning Alerts service…..


Opening Range Breakout

An opening range breakout in stock trading refers to a strategy where a trader seeks to profit from a stock’s price movement within the first hour of the trading day.

Jason Bond

The opening range is defined as the high and low prices of a stock during the first hour of the trading day. The idea behind this strategy is that the opening range often establishes the direction and momentum for the rest of the day, and that a stock’s price will tend to continue to move in the direction of the breakout from the opening range.

Jason Bond review

To implement this strategy, a trader will identify the opening range and set a trade based on whether the stock price breaks above the high or below the low of the opening range. If the stock price breaks above the high of the opening range, the trader will enter a long position, while if it breaks below the low, the trader will enter a short position.


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It’s important to note that while opening range breakouts can be a useful tool for traders, they are not without risks. Factors such as false breakouts and corrections back to the breakout point make explosions rare.

Jason bonds reviews

Ranges are easy to spot, making the range breakout strategy very popular. However, many traders lose money on this strategy, mainly because of false breakouts, corrections to the breakout point and unrealistic expectations. Strategies that are likely to provide traders with more success involve being patient and waiting for the breakout to happen and then trading the trend if it occurs, or waiting for a correction and seeing if the price resumes the breakout direction.


False Breakout

A false breakout in stock trading refers to a situation where a stock price appears to have broken through a key level of resistance or support, but then quickly reverses and moves back within the previous trading range. This can occur when there is a lack of buying or selling pressure to sustain the price movement beyond the key level.

False breakouts can be misleading and can cause traders to enter into a position too early or in the wrong direction. For example, a trader may enter into a long position when the stock price appears to have broken above a key resistance level, only to see the price quickly fall back down and close within the previous trading range.

To avoid false breakouts, traders often look for additional confirmations, such as increased volume or a move above a moving average, before entering a position. It is also important to consider other factors such as market conditions and news events that may be affecting the stock price.

jason bond pattern

Shooting Star

A shooting star in stock trading refers to a candlestick pattern that is formed when the price of a security increases significantly during a short period of time and then falls back to near its original level, creating a tall candle with a small upper shadow and a long lower shadow.

This pattern is often seen as a bearish reversal signal, indicating that the uptrend may be coming to an end and that the price may continue to decrease in the near future.


Base Trade

A base trade in stock trading refers to a strategy where an investor buys a stock that has gone through a period of consolidation or correction and is showing signs of building a base or forming a new support level.

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The idea behind this strategy is to buy the stock at its current price, with the expectation that it will eventually break out of the base and move higher.

In order to identify a base, traders often look for patterns such as flag and pennant formations, cup and handle formations, or double and triple bottoms. Once a base has been identified, traders will typically wait for the stock to break above the top of the base and show signs of strength, such as increased volume or a move above its moving average, before entering a long position.


THRUST Analysis

Thrust Refers to the distance between the current swing high to a previous swing high (in an uptrend) or swings low (in a downtrend). Increased thrust is a sign of potential trend strength. Shortening of Thrust is a sign of potential trend weakness.

The increased thrust of T2, when compared with T1, indicates greater strength within the trend. Also compared with T3 to T2 indicating strength on the upside.

Shortening of thrust, T2 when compared with T1 indicates weakness with the trend. T3 is then much shorter than T2, indicating weakness developing with the trend. T2 is unable to project to the same distance as T1 did.

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Something has shifted in the balance of supply and demand. The fact that the market was unable to do so indicates either a decrease in bullish pressure and/or an increase in bearish pressure.

The uptrend is showing signs of weakening.


Jason Bond Lightning Strikes: Conclusions

I hope this brief Jason Bond Lightning Strikes review gave you a taste of the style that Jason Bond uses to alert trades to his subscribers.

You can sign-up for the best possible price here.


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Jason Bond Lightning Strikes Review

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