Investment Opportunities Newsletter Review

Investment Opportunities Newsletter Review

This is a post from my friend, Mark. He is a real subscriber to the Investment Opportunities newsletter service.


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Investment Opportunities Newsletter Review – by Mark

I am new to stock trading and investing. I started with $18,000 one of my relatives gave me to invest for them.

I promptly lost $2,000 through mistakes — which is why I started researching investment newsletters!

I try to buy as many newsletter subscriptions as possible so I can learn from seasoned investors.

After reading a dozen or so of these newsletters, I thought other investors might benefit from what I learned. My goal is to give honest, unbiased reviews of each newsletter.

I am not compensated by these companies, and I invest my own money to purchase subscriptions.


Investment Opportunities Summary

Fast Facts

Investment Opportunities is a monthly stock trading newsletter published by InvestorPlace, one of America’s largest independent financial research firms.

InvestorPlace has 10 full-time analysts and a variety of trading services including the popular Dark Pool Trader ($2,249/year). Investment Opportunities is a hyper-growth stock research publication.

  • Author — Matt McCall, Editor, Investment Opportunities
  • Cost — $99 with a 30-day full refund
  • Contact Info — (866) 363-5769 or [email protected] → Order link below…

Check it out here.



  • User-friendly website filled with useful financial information
  • Newsletter articles are clear, easy to understand, well-written, and researched
  • Massive portfolio conveniently divided into 12 “buckets” of companies/ stocks
  • Subscribers receive lots of extras — bonus reports, alerts, VIP webinars, good customer service, and Ask Matt (a contact form for users to interact directly with Matt McCall)


  • Newsletter has a heavy emphasis on stocks in the technology sector
  • Education videos focus only on marijuana stocks (to the neglect of other sectors)
  • Money Line podcast is available for free elsewhere
  • Portfolio is large and diverse and might be overwhelming for new investors


What You Get

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities — subscribers receive a full issue that details what they believe are the world’s biggest investment opportunities. Inside each issue are the latest investment recommendations, updated current portfolio, and expert insight from McCall’s large network of industry contacts.
  • Special Readers-Only Reports — in-depth 12-36 page “situational” reports about world-changing business and technological trends set to deliver triple-digit gains.
  • Position updates — although Investment Opportunities follows a monthly publishing schedule, they send periodic timely updates if something major is happening with one of their positions.
  • The Investment Opportunities Owner’s Manual — a short, easy-to-read guide explaining their approach to the markets, how they identify opportunities, their theory on the correct way to buy and sell stocks, plus other key ideas to help make big returns without big risks.


Investment Opportunities Newsletter Review Overview

Below is my explanation, experience, and evaluation as a paid subscriber of Investment Opportunities.


Why subscribe to Investment Opportunities?

Investment Opportunities does not read like a stuffy financial newsletter. It feels more like a quick start guide to a sports car you’ve been wanting to test drive.

Each issue is a single theme exploring a unique opportunity inside one of the Investment Opportunities investing buckets. The writing is fast-paced, entertaining, and informative.

The impressive reporting reveals new companies, in new sectors that have the potential to grow your account. This is an exciting journey into unexplored markets we might not learn about in other newsletters.

Investment Opportunities has one of the largest, most comprehensive portfolios in the industry conveniently divided into investing “buckets” or groups of similar stocks broken down by sector.

This categorization provides a handy way to diversify your portfolio. However, the portfolio comes with a downside because it is huge — 70 stock recommendations in 12 buckets of companies. It is an overwhelming list of possibilities.


Why is it called Investment Opportunities?

The newsletter is appropriately named because Investment Opportunities serves up a comprehensive collection of hypergrowth opportunities.

The service contains a dizzying lineup of companies, many of which I’ve never heard of. In fact, before reading the newsletter “Solid-State Batteries” were not on my radar, and I had no idea “Foldable Phones” was such a competitive category.

If you are interested in a diverse collection of investing possibilities then you’ll love Investment Opportunities.


Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is the founder and president of Penn Financial Group, an investment advisory firm serving individual and institutional clients.

He also travels extensively and speaks to thousands of individual investors each year about investing and personal finance.

Investment Opportunities Newsletter Review


Over the last decade, he has focused his energy on individual stocks as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), becoming one of only a few investment advisors to offer expertise in both areas.

This concentration on stock selection has cultivated a precise top-down, macro-to-micro strategy to maximize profits and manage risk.


What is the financial philosophy of Investment Opportunities?

Investment Opportunities is based on a concept Matt McCall calls “hyper-growth trends” —  looking for new, world-changing industries poised to grow 5, 10, or even 50-fold over the next three to five years.

The goal of Investment Opportunities is to diversify your portfolio by buying “baskets” of companies they believe will experience hyper-growth. They seek to pinpoint three to six of the best companies in a sector and buy them in equal amounts.

Investment Opportunities purchases a small group of “All-Star” companies to build a focused, concentrated portfolio they believe maximize profits in the long-term. Matt McCall’s strategy is geared towards investors looking to make massive gains from the ability to exploit megatrends over time.


What stocks are Investment Opportunities holding and how are they performing?

The full portfolio of Investment Opportunities is accessible to subscribers only, but the currently recommended buckets of stocks are reviewed below.

Investment Opportunities’ portfolio charts are clear and concise with a brief description of each company listed in the right sidebar of the chart.

A clickable link in the sidebar takes readers to a written report on why Investment Opportunities chose that particular stock.

  1. 5G Highway Portfolio — currently holding 8 stocks intended to capitalize on faster networks and edge computing to speed up the IoT (Internet of Things). As of mid-September 2020, six of eight stocks in this portfolio have positive gains with a high of 75.82%. Two of the stocks are currently red at -9.81% and -3.97%. Average Return: 31.13%.
  2. Solid-State Batteries Portfolio — currently holding 6 stocks intended to capitalize on demand from electric vehicle automakers, and consumer electronics makers of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As of mid-September 2020, five of six stocks in this portfolio have positive gains with a high of 498.03%. One of the stocks is currently red at -2.04%. Average Return: 106.20%.
  3. Transportation 2.0 Portfolio — currently holding 6 stocks intended to capitalize on the race for autonomous vehicles. As of mid-September 2020, four of six stocks in this portfolio have positive gains with a high of 226.64%. Two of the stocks are currently red at -24.10% and -12.07%. Average Return: 38.14%.
  4. Bitcoin/Blockchain Portfolio — currently holding 3 stocks intended to capitalize on the anticipated global shift to new digital currencies. As of mid-September 2020, two of three holdings have positive gains with a high of 80.38%. However, the third holding is severely underperforming at -90.60%. Average Return: 0.94%.
  5. Artificial Intelligence Portfolio — currently holding 5 stocks intended to capitalize on the transformational promise of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. As of mid-September 2020, four of five stocks in this portfolio have positive gains with a high of 59.42%. One of the stocks is currently red at -31.64%. Average Return: 34.29%.
  6. Healthcare 2.0 Portfolio — currently holding 5 stocks intended to capitalize on upcoming trends in biotech and telecare. As of mid-September 2020, this portfolio is the most volatile of the portfolios with two of five stocks experiencing massive gains of 362.07% and 301.46%. Three of the stocks are currently red at -73.28%, -27.04%, and -5.27%. Because of the two massive profit margins, the Average Return is 56.54%.
  7. Foldable Phones Portfolio — currently holding 4 stocks intended to capitalize on the future trend of flexible cell phone displays. As of mid-September 2020, all four stocks in this portfolio have positive gains with a high of 10.87%. Average Return: 6.30%.
  8. eSports Portfolio — currently holding 2 stocks intended to capitalize on the digital, online gaming industry. As of mid-September 2020, this portfolio is positive with an Average Return of 71.80%.
  9. Sports Gambling Portfolio — currently holding 5 stocks intended to capitalize on the online gambling market. As of mid-September 2020, two of the five stocks in this portfolio have positive gains with a high of 65.15%. Three of the stocks are currently red (with two of those at -30%). Average Return: 2.42%.
  10. Real Estate Portfolio — currently holding 2 stocks for real estate companies in China and the United States. As of mid-September 2020, this portfolio is feeble with one negative stock at -14.19%, and one positive stock at 1.77%. Average Return: -6.21%.
  11. Innovative Financials Portfolio — currently holding 3 stocks intended to capitalize in online banking, brokerage service, and financial products. As of mid-September 2020, two of the three stocks in this portfolio were severely negative with a combined loss of -101.44%, which is somewhat offset by a positive gain in the third stock of 26.25%. Average Return: -25.06%.
  12. Marijuana Boom Portfolio — currently holding 21 stocks (the largest of all hyper growth industries). Obviously, this portfolio is intended to capitalize on the growing national cannabis industry. As of mid-September 2020, an atrocious 15 of 21 stocks in this portfolio were negative (anywhere between -35% and -85%). However, six of the stocks are substantially profitable with returns ranging from 5.51% to 546.12%. Average Return: -35.03%.

As you can see, some of the Investment Opportunities stock buckets are performing well, while others are underperforming. 9 of 12 portfolios are experiencing positive returns with a total cumulative return of +347.76%. 3 of 12 portfolios are experiencing negative returns with a total cumulative return of -66.30%.


Is Investment Opportunities worth the $99 annual subscription fee?

After reading and analyzing dozens of financial newsletters you begin to see certain sales techniques and trends. Almost every newsletter on the market today offers a full refund after a 30-180-day trial — which is a good thing because many of them or so poorly researched and written I’m happy to be able to get my money back!

Investment Opportunities is one of the newsletters I plan to keep. The writing and research done by this service is more than interesting and engaging (although it is that); it is also helpful information.

The newsletter is an excellent way to learn about new companies which could be stellar future investments. $99 seems reasonable for insightful market information.

In fact, I’ve already invested in one Investment Opportunities stock recommendation that is in my long-term TD Ameritrade account. Currently, the stock is down -8.84%, however, I’m confident the company, leadership, and product will eventually exceed my expectations.

To be clear, Investment Opportunities isn’t a quick profit “trading” strategy. Day traders, swing traders, catalyst traders, and short-term holds are not what this newsletter is about. Unless you are willing to patiently invest for three to five years you will likely not realize the potential of this service.


Investment Opportunities Newsletter Review: Conclusions


Final Grade — A

Investment Opportunities is worth checking out. I’d prefer to see the newsletter priced around $49 to incentivize new subscribers, but it’s hard to quibble with a service that is performing well and offers good value for under $100/year.

New subscribers should enjoy authoritative analysis, crisp writing, a clean format, and impressive reporting.


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I hope you enjoyed this Matt McCall Investment Opportunities newsletter review!

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