Ben Sturgill LottoX Review

Ben Sturgill LottoX Review

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What is LottoX?

LottoX by RagingBull is an excellent service that comprises of email alerts, live chatroom streams, video lessons and a squeeze scanner. It is run by Ben Sturgill.


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The service focuses on alerting and teaching people the high risk but high reward skill of buying options contracts on the same day they expire. Hence the name Zero Days to Expiration (0-DTE).

This is not a style of trading that is for everyone because it is quite risky. It’s very easy to see your options contracts drop 80% if you are wrong! However, you can also see triple digit percentage gains on the upside!

These options contracts are cheap and considered the ‘junk food’ of trading.

Ben Sturgill does a great job teaching how to navigate these tricky waters and to manage that risk.

Here are some of the features I have found in his LottoX service.


Ben Sturgill LottoX Review: 0-DTE Trading Room

Every Thursday 12:30pm ET Ben runs a chatroom live stream for these extremely volatile trades. These are all recorded and added to an archive for future subscribers to check out.

Each session starts off with Ben giving an overview of the current market conditions.


ben sturgill lottoX reviews


In these sessions, Ben and Ethan seem to use some well-known technical analysis, volume and price action. Things like breaking VWAP, Moving Averages, Flags and the TTM Squeeze are all considered when selecting a stock to play 0-DTE options on.

They give a lot of great valuable information about buying options, block trades happening, open interest etc during the live trading commentary.

I haven’t seen them actually place orders to buy these contracts. There is a lot of useful info on the picks but there isn’t a clear order placed on the live stream. This is maybe something I have missed watching the service so far though.

This is probably my biggest pet peeve about this service – there is no track record and it’s often not clear what trades they are taking and when on the live stream.

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Ben Sturgill LottoX Review: Update Emails

Here is an example of the email updates that you can expect from Ben in LottoX. Some great information in these emails but again they are worded in a way that doesn’t imply if Ben or Ethan actually traded these or are currently in them. This is not encouraging to me.


‘This Week’s Zero-Days-to-Expiration Trade Ideas


Hey there, team Full-Scope!

It’s Thursday afternoon, which means I just finished my weekly trading Cheat Meal: Live 0-DTE trades, with a special guest today: Ethan Harms!


If you weren’t able to catch the live broadcast, happening every Thursday at 12:30 ET right HERE (← so bookmark the room, and add it to your calendar of you haven’t already!)… 


You’ll find this week’s “Junk Food” trade ideas below.  As a reminder, these are our version of “lotto-style” trade ideas…  EXTREMELY short-dated options with enormous volatility.


How Last Weeks Trades Worked Out

But before we get into it, let’s look at how last week’s plays worked out…


Last week on 4/8/22 I mentioned this:

PFE Long

Contract: $55 Calls

Ethan showed that the stock has had a huge daily candle which is ‘going to be something’. He likes the $55 calls here at around .28 each, and he thinks that the stock is capable of reaching $55.28 by tomorrow.

ragingbull lottox


The option contract went all the way to .60+ the next day!


Also on 4/8/22 I alerted to:

WMT Long

Contract: $157.50 Calls

Ben sees the 8 EMA on the 30 minute as being the catalyst here for higher breakout potential in the stock. And on the daily he sees that WMT ‘keeps on pushing’. Therefore Ben likes the WMT above $156.60 and the $157.50 calls at around .55.

ragingbull lottox reviewed



And the option contract went all the way to .95+ the next day!


Reminder: All “0-DTE” contracts expire tomorrow, April 14, unless otherwise noted.



Contract: $175 Calls

Ethan sees this sideways move that led up to today’s rally leading to a continuation into tomorrow. Therefore he likes the $175 calls for tomorrow here around .69 each.



Contract: $240, $250 Calls

Ben likes this stock and sees a breakout here and Ethan says this level around $237 is ‘fire’. Ben likes the $240’s, but he also likes the $245’s here, so Ben thinks he can pick wisely at the $245’s. These are trading at 2.51 (for the $240’s) and .38 (for the $250’s) respectively. 


CLF Long

Contract: $32 Calls

Ethan likes these a lot here and has been watching this stock here after it pulled back on the open. These are going for .34 currently and Ethan sees potential in these going into tomorrow.



Contract: $175 Calls

Ben is very enthusiastic about this name here because of how the stock is reacting to this price action. He sees resistance here but he can still see a breakout regardless into tomorrow as the stock rides this level. These are currently trading around 2.00 here. 



Contract: $8 Calls

Ethan sees this because of the massive call volume going off into the options. Coupled with corporate earnings tomorrow, he ‘has to go for it’. These are going for .50 at the moment Ethan mentioned them.



Contract: $106 Calls

Ben sees resistance at the anchored VWAP here, and with corporate earnings tomorrow (4/14/22) he like these for the potential volatility. Therefore he is looking at these ‘Lotto of Lotto’s’ around .88 at the time he mentioned them.


As always, keep in mind that these are my (or Ethan’s) trades, and we have our own objectives and risk-tolerance, which may dramatically differ from yours.  “0-DTE” and similar “lotto-style” trades are not for everyone.  They are, by their nature, lower-probability, higher-upside-potential trades that are not for the faint of heart.’


 You can see how detailed this email is. Plenty of useful information and recap of the previous trades etc. Ben will post in the workshop room some of his entries/exits .. but you’ll never see him mention an exit on something that is a loss…. only the winners seem to be mentioned in the feed.

This is frustrating to me because the information and discussions they give in emails and live streams are great quality.



Ben Sturgill LottoX Review: Video Lessons

The video lessons in LottoX cover a wide variety of topics related to managing options trades, ODTE and lots of risk management. The videos tend to be 60mins long. There are hundreds of videos in the archive.



Ben Sturgill LottoX Review: Squeeze Scanner

There is a live streaming Squeeze Scanner as part of LottoX. Here is a screenshot below. I honestly haven’t found this helpful and I’m pretty sure you can find the scripts for free to run scanners on TOS for example for TTM Squeeze stocks.

Ben Sturgill LottoX Review



Ben Sturgill LottoX Review: Conclusions

Overall, I love the energy of this service. Ben and Ethan do a great job finding and explaining 0-DTE plays that have the potential to pay of massively.

I would like to see a bit more clarity in how they report their trades etc. but it is a decent service overall.



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Ben Sturgill LottoX Review


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Ben Sturgill LottoX Review

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