Why I recommend Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Service

Why I recommend Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Service

Check out my full Jeff Bishop Review for more details of his service! Jeff Bishop’s Bullseye service is really successful. I want to give an overview of the reasons WHY this might be the case.


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What Jeff Bishop Does Differently

Quite frankly, I’m a little ticked off about what these wannabe traders are spreading around.

It is not just shady, but it is a threat to your financial health!

I’m certain you’ve seen traders on social media tout how options can provide massive returns in a relatively short time?


Jeff Bishop bullseye scam


Sure, if you buy calls, theoretically, there’s an unlimited upside. However, I want you to know that trading options isn’t about getting rich fast.

I believe it makes more sense to focus on managing risk and position sizing when you first start out with options trading.

Otherwise, this might be you after a month…

One of the largest pitfalls for beginner options traders is they see how cheap an options contract is and throw down a large bet relative to their account size — and they just end up expiring worthless.





Buying cheap, out-of-the-money calls on a stock you like is very seductive. I know, I have been down that road and I am going to try to steer you in the right direction. I hope you let me!

Remember how I said options trading isn’t about getting rich quick?

Well, if you step into the game with the “get rich quick” mindset, I believe it’s one of the quickest ways to cripple your trading account and potentially cause you to lose a lot of money.

Bullseye Trades: Best Alerts Service


bullseye trades graphic

Every Monday at the market open, Jeff sends you his weekly Bullseye Trade.

2022 has been AMAZING for these Bullseye Trades!

(+50% to 300% per week in my experience)

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So just put the thought of becoming an overnight success using options to bed, because it’s all about the long game and living to trade another day.

What’s more important is to avoid all the pitfalls out there.

There are plenty of mistakes you can make when it comes to trading options, but I am continually going to pound the table and try to keep people away from these common “account killers” as I call them:

• Blindly buy calls or puts with no strategy in place for making trades
• Trading too frequently (even if it seems like there is an opportunity every day)
• Purchasing deep out of the money call options with little time to expiration
• Trading options without any signals that let you know when you enter or exit
• Not properly risk managing and naked selling options
• Sizing positions too large in relation to an account
• Not understanding the basics of options trading

Here is another “pro tip”: If you don’t know anything about options trading, but want to learn more — check out my Jeff Bishops Bullseye Trades Review here.

It’s what I wish I had to learn from when I first started out trading options over 10 years ago. I really hope it will speed up your learning curve.


Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Example Trade

Here is an example of what Jeff Bishop sends out to subscribers every week. It has been a great service for me.


‘MRNA – Bullseye Pick Of The Week

Good Morning, Traders!

We’ve been on a pretty good roll lately!

In case you missed it, we hit FOUR amazing trades – ZIM, ADM, LULU, and CAR last week!

We just saw the market have a serious pullback after a pretty epic rally from the mid-March lows.  

While that didn’t surprise me, the degree the market went up and then back down was pretty amazing to see.  

I don’t think we’re quite done yet to the downside… but getting close!


It is tempting to go with miners, fertilizer stocks, shipping, oil, etc but all of these sectors have had a great run already and I find it hard to believe they will continue to rally without a pause first.


Moderna Inc. – MRNA

So, I am going to go with MRNA as my favorite idea for the week.  

ragingbull bullseye trades reviews

This is a stock that doesn’t necessarily follow the ups and downs of the overall market and can make a move up even if the market isn’t nice to us this week.

I think the Chinese lockdowns are a bigger deal than the market is leading us to believe. When I look at all of the “re-opening stocks” they are almost all getting hit lately. 


If there is a resurgence of COVID fear, I think a rally for MRNA would be very likely.  

Even the hint of that should at least keep a bid under the stock and hopefully avoid a major drop this week.

Let’s take a look at how I’m structuring my trade plan:



My Trade Plan:

  • MRNA Apr 22 2022 160 Calls near $7.00
  • Stop : Close under $148
  • Target 1 : $178
  • Target 2 : $190


To YOUR Success!’



The results from this $MRNA trade were great! Within a couple of days these contracts had gone from $7 to over $12! Many of the other trades in Bullseye have also yielded profits. This is why I recommend Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades!

Read my full Bullseye review here.


Bullseye Trades: Best Alerts Service


bullseye trades graphic

Every Monday at the market open, Jeff sends you his weekly Bullseye Trade.

2022 has been AMAZING for these Bullseye Trades!

(+50% to 300% per week in my experience)

Click here to learn more!


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Why I recommend Jeff Bishop Bullseye Trades Service

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